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ZipNut fill adapters make wrench tight and hand tight adapters obsolete! Using the ZipNut is fast, easy, leak free connection to your SCBA cylinder in less than 3 seconds. The time saving ZipNut prevents operator fatigue by limiting wrist motion that may help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. ZipNuts connect to the cylinder threads with a push-on and slight locking half turn. Pull off after a slight reverse half turn which disengages the collar. The Zip-on feature in the ZipNut incorporates a locking sleeve that prevents accidental disconnection under pressure. The ZipNut is rated to over 5 times the rated working pressure and has been independently tested for over 25,00 cycles? without a single failure.Fits both low pressure 2216 and high pressure 3500 & 4500 psi bottles. (CGA 346 & CGA 347) Need more information? Call or Email for more details 714-991-8800

Price: $356.00